Advanced Algorithms and AI
in Marketing and Merchandising
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For those who want to apply AI in marketing and merchandising, seeking to deepen their knowledge of modern algorithms and AI applied in effective marketing and assortment organization. In this program, you will learn the key concepts and tools of AI, put them into practice and make marketing strategies smarter, more efficient and competitive.
Effective Application of Advanced Algorithms in Marketing
Mastery of AI Methods for Assortment Optimization
Skills in Applying AI in Strategic Marketing Analysis
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in the course will gain a deep understanding of AI in business and practical skills for implementing AI, enabling them to confidently apply modern technologies in real-world business scenarios. The course will equip participants with the skills to work with textual and visual data, as well as the creation and training of ML models to address specific business challenges.
Student feedback on the course
The blend of theory and hands-on experience was perfect! The practical applications in real business scenarios made the learning process enjoyable and valuable.
Elena Müller
Great course! It provided a clear and comprehensive understanding of AI in business. The practical exercises were particularly helpful, allowing me to apply the knowledge directly.
Alexander Bergmann
This course was an enlightening experience. The well-structured content and engaging lectures made complex concepts easy to grasp. The practical sessions were a game-changer for my professional development.
Maria Andersson
I appreciated the course's ability to simplify intricate concepts. The practical sessions were instrumental in reinforcing my learning and applying AI techniques in my field.
Anton Rūpnieks
A fantastic course for anyone looking to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence. The instructors were approachable, and the course materials proved to be extremely beneficial for my career growth.
Uldis Sprogis
What you will get after the course
  1. In-depth understanding of data analysis techniques using AI
  2. Practical skills in creating personalized recommendations using AI algorithms
  3. Skills in optimizing visual elements in merchandising: Using OpenCV and TensorFlow image analysis libraries
  4. Ability to predict trends and consumer behavior: Using AI, you will be able to analyze data and predict trends, increasing adaptability to changes in the market
  5. Master the effective application of ML in marketing
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9 000 €
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