AI-Enhanced Marketing Strategies
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For those who seek to optimize their marketing strategies using AI. The course provides not only the theoretical background on the application of AI in marketing, but also the practical skills needed to successfully implement innovative marketing campaigns. Regardless of your experience, this program will help you master modern technology and stay on top of the latest trends in marketing.
Analyze data with AI to predict trends in marketing
Use AI to create personalized offers and more accurate audience segmentation
Automate marketing tasks, including campaign management and chatbots
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in this course will gain unique skills enabling them to leverage AI in marketing. They will learn to apply AI for data analysis, create personalized campaigns, predict consumer behavior, and automate marketing processes. This course provides practical tools and knowledge necessary for successfully incorporating AI into modern marketing practices, offering participants the capabilities to explore new horizons and enhance competitiveness in the market.
Student feedback on the course
The course exceeded my expectations! Very informative lectures, practical sessions allowed me to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Now I confidently apply artificial intelligence in marketing strategies!
Sofija Robinson
The course has a very convenient structure. The material is easy to grasp, and the instructors explain complex issues skillfully and accessibly. The practical sessions were especially valuable, providing an opportunity to directly apply the knowledge.
Dilan Clark
The course gave me key tools for creating personalized marketing campaigns. Thanks for the excellent combination of theory and practice!
Hovard Lewis
An intensive and interesting course! I gained a comprehensive overview of modern marketing trends with the use of AI. Highly recommended!
Jane Anderson
Excellent learning experience! Professional instructors, relevant topics, and lots of practical tasks. Now I feel more confident in applying AI in marketing.
Adam Mitchell
What you will get after the course
  1. Skilled in using AI tools to optimize marketing campaigns, improving targeting accuracy and overall campaign effectiveness.
  2. Professional data analysis will enable participants to extract valuable insights from marketing data and make informed decisions.
  3. Create personalized marketing strategies using AI to segment audiences, resulting in more effective and pinpointed customer interactions.
  4. Skills to automate various marketing tasks including email campaigns, social media management and customer interactions, improving process efficiency.
  5. Gain strategic insights on optimizing social media presence using AI, understanding its impact and implementing successful social media marketing .
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8 100 €
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