AI AssessPro: Professional Application of Artificial Intelligence in Assessment Activities
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For those engaged in assessment activities who seek to leverage the power of AI in their work. This program is ideal for assessment experts, educators, HR specialists, AI developers, and project managers looking to enhance their skills in applying AI technologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of assessment processes.

Ethical Implementation of AI
Data Analysis for Insights
AI-Driven Assessment Design
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will gain hands-on experience in project development, enhancing collaboration, planning, and implementation skills. Through team formation and strategic planning, they will learn to articulate clear objectives and allocate resources effectively. This practical experience will equip them with the ability to implement, test, and present project solutions efficiently, while also honing their project management expertise for future endeavors.
Student feedback on the course
Life-changing course! Empowered me with practical AI skills to revolutionize assessment methods.
Ignas Petrėnas
The course equipped me to tackle complex challenges in assessment with confidence.
Algirdas Jurėnas
Highly recommend! Transformed my approach to assessment with innovative AI solutions.
Vaida Kazlauskas
Fantastic training! Gained practical skills to drive innovation and efficiency in assessment practices.
Rasa Mikalauskaitė
Outstanding course! Empowered me to leverage AI for smarter, more effective assessment strategies.
Jolanta Stankevičiūtė
What you will get after the course
  1. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be applied to assessment activities
  2. They will develop practical skills in setting up and configuring ML environments, training models, and evaluating their performance for assessment tasks
  3. Proficiency in NLP for analyzing textual responses and computer vision for assessing visual data.
  4. Skills in team formation, project planning, implementation, testing, and presentation of AI-powered assessment systems.
  5. Participants will emerge as empowered problem solvers, ready to innovate and tackle complex challenges in their professional endeavors.
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7 200 €
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