AI in Economics:
Modern Trends and Innovations

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For those who seek a deeper understanding and implementation of AI in their activities. The course provides a unique opportunity to master current trends and innovations in AI, adapting them to the specific tasks and challenges facing economic professionals.
Mastery of effective application of AI for precise data analysis
Development of skills in using AI for making informed strategic decisions in economics
Learn to develop and customize individual AI models to enhance competitiveness in the economic sector
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will gain a deep understanding of the integration of AI and economics, covering modern trends, practical applications, and skills for economic analysis. The course offers networking opportunities with industry professionals, and staying updated on the latest advancements equips participants to apply AI effectively in real-world scenarios. Overall, participants will acquire valuable insights, skills, and connections, contributing to their professional growth in the dynamic field of AI in economics.
Student feedback on the course
I really liked the practical orientation, which allows me to instantly apply the new knowledge in my professional activities. The instructors are great at explaining complex concepts, making the material accessible even to those who don't have a deep knowledge of AI.
Aldriс Zviringen
The course provided a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge trends in artificial intelligence and their application in economics. The rich practical experience and extensive materials helped to deepen knowledge and significantly improve professional skills.bAn innovative and inspiring experience!
Leonian Grimmheim
I really appreciate the balance between theoretical material and real cases. Each lesson gives an opportunity not only to understand the basics, but also to immediately put them into practice. This makes the course not only useful but also fun.
Lorafina Hartenstein
Great support and communication! Instructors were always available to help and answer questions. The discussion forum provided a great platform to share experiences with peers. It felt like the course creators cared about maximizing results for each participant.
Elrik Beringer
Fascinating projects and real cases! It was a great way to consolidate the material and prepare for solving real challenges in the field of economics using AI.
Amelissa Lindenberg
What you will get after the course
  1. Skills in applying AI technology to effectively analyze economic data.
  2. Using AI to optimize business processes, including automating tasks, improving operational efficiency, and creating innovative strategies to improve performance.
  3. Developing and customizing AI Models.
  4. Understanding the ethical issues associated with the application of AI in the economy.
  5. Project work with real data: experience with the challenges and tasks they may encounter in their professional lives.
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9 000 €
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