AI in Tourism: Innovation and Personalization

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For those who want to bring innovative AI technologies to the tourism industry, we present the AI in Tourism: Innovation and Personalization training course. During the course, you will dive into the fundamentals and potential of AI in tourism, exploring its application in marketing, improving customer experience, resource and infrastructure management.
Data analysis in tourism using AI
Development of personalized tourism products using AI methods
Creation of virtual assistants and chatbots using new technologies
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will gain a deep understanding of how to apply advanced technologies to improve the travel experience. They will learn how to use data analytics to predict demand, create personalized tourism products using AI, and develop effective virtual assistants and chatbots. The skills gained will help participants become more competitive in the tourism market and improve customer satisfaction.
Student feedback on the course
I found the course very useful. I am a business owner and now I can see how properly I can develop it, keeping up with the development of technology. Thank you!
Anna Van Der Meer Van Dijk
Before this training, I didn't know it was possible to create personalized travel products using artificial intelligence. This is a great solution to improve customer service!
Charlotte Wilson
Wonderful learning experience! Gained a lot of practical skills that can be put into practice right away. I have a lot to share with my colleagues and partners.
Hendrik De Graaf Vos
It's awesome that new technologies help travel business professionals to forecast future popular destinations and utilization at current ones based on global trends.
Marie Lefèvre Dupont
Very interesting and forward-looking course! Got a lot of ideas on how to grow my tourism business with artificial intelligence. Highly recommended!
Élise Girard Thomas
What you will get after the course
  1. Data analysis for forecasting demand and supply in tourism.
  2. Creation of personalized tourism products using AI.
  3. Developing and implementing virtual assistants and chatbots to improve tourist services.
  4. Application of ethical and legal principles in the use of AI in tourism.
  5. Forecasting future trends and prospects for the development of AI in tourism.
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8 100 €
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