AI Routes:
A Logistics Revolution

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For logistics professionals, supply chain managers, data analysts, and anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of applying AI to optimize logistics processes and supply chain management.
A deep understanding of how to apply AI to optimize logistical processes
Skills in effectively utilizing data for demand forecasting and inventory management using AI tools
Practical skills in implementing route optimization algorithms and building AI-enhanced supply chain models
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in the course will gain a deeper understanding of the application of AI in logistics, enhanced skills in route optimization and inventory management, as well as practical experience in working with AI tools and algorithms to improve the efficiency of logistics operations.
Student feedback on the course
This course exceeded all my expectations! I gained valuable knowledge and practical skills that I immediately applied in real-world scenarios. Highly recommended!
Artis Liepins
Well-structured course that helped me deepen my understanding of the role of artificial intelligence in logistics. I now feel more confident applying this knowledge in my work.
Raimonds Ozols
Great instructors, engaging lectures, and practical sessions! I learned a lot and gained the ability to apply AI to improve logistics processes in my company.
Matiss Aizstrauts
This course is perfect for those looking to gain a deep understanding of applying AI in logistics. I recommend it to anyone aiming to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.
David Edwards
A very hands-on and practical course! I not only acquired theoretical knowledge but also skills that I can use in my daily work. Very pleased with the results!
Viktors Vilsons
What you will get after the course
  1. Ability to apply AI tools and methods for optimizing logistics processes.
  2. Skills in data analysis and processing using AI technologies in the context of logistics.
  3. Understanding of principles and practical application of route optimization algorithms and supply planning.
  4. Ability to forecast demand and manage inventory using AI techniques in supply chains.
  5. Real-time tracking skills and adaptation of logistics routes based on data obtained using AI.
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8 100 €
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