Data protection and privacy

in the context of AI

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For those who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of data protection and confidentiality, especially in the context of AI. Participants will gain not only a theoretical foundation in legal and ethical aspects but also practical skills in implementing modern encryption methods, securing input data, and developing effective monitoring systems. The course will help them successfully integrate data protection measures into various stages of the AI project lifecycle, enhancing overall resilience and security of business processes.
Analysis and recommendations for enhancing the security of existing AI systems
Crafting a data protection strategy aligned with legal requirements and ethical standards
Creating a cybersecurity training program for individuals working with AI terms
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of legal, ethical, and technical aspects related to securing data in AI applications. Through practical assignments, they will develop skills in assessing data protection levels, crafting policies, conducting cybersecurity training, and implementing monitoring systems for incident detection in AI projects.
Student feedback on the course
The course on data protection in AI exceeded all my expectations! Useful knowledge applicable in real practice.
Noah Patterson
Thanks to this course, I have become more confident in the field of AI cybersecurity. Great methodology and great instructors!
Mason Powell
Really liked the emphasis on the ethical aspects of AI. It gives a deep understanding of the importance of using technology responsibly.
Valery Ward
Interesting practical assignments helped to better internalize the material. Thanks for the real cases and scenarios!
Wendy Torres
The course is perfectly structured and the real world examples make it even more valuable. I recommend it to anyone working with AI and data protection!
Liam Brooks
What you will get after the course
  1. Mastering the basics of cryptography, modern encryption techniques and preventing attacks on input data.
  2. Discussion of ethical issues in the application of AI in the context of data protection.
  3. Developing auditing and monitoring skills to ensure data security in AI systems.
  4. Exploring the requirements and standards in various industries where AI is used.
  5. Practical recommendations for implementing data protection measures at various stages of the AI project lifecycle.
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