Animation of the Future: ΑΙ in Motion Design

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This training program is designed to provide motion designers with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the use of AI in their professional work. The course combines the theoretical foundations and practical skills needed to work effectively with modern AI-based motion design tools. Course participants will learn how AI can automate routine processes, improve the quality of animation and video, and create new opportunities for creativity and innovation in motion design.
Advanced Skill Development
Efficiency and Quality Improvement
Unlocking Creativity and Innovation
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will emerge equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in leveraging AI within their professional motion design practice. They will have mastered advanced AI-based tools and techniques, enabling them to automate routine processes, enhance the quality of animations and videos, and unlock new opportunities for creativity and innovation. With the ability to create dynamic and visually compelling motion graphics efficiently, participants will be well-positioned to meet the demands of the evolving digital media landscape and establish themselves as leaders in the field of motion design.

Student feedback on the course
Incredible course! Clear instruction, practical exercises, and inspiring insights into AI in motion design.
Milosz Kovac
Engaging content, supportive instructors, and real-world applications. Worth every penny!
Zofia Dvorak
Learned valuable techniques and gained new perspectives on AI in motion design. Ready to take on new challenges.
Stellan Dragomir
Passionate instructors, hands-on projects, and tangible results. A game-changer for my career!
Ania Vasiliev
Thrilled with this course! Insightful instruction, practical skills, and a brighter future in motion design. Thank you!
Maksim Novak
What you will get after the course
  1. Proficiency in AI-based Motion Design Tools; creating dynamic motion graphics, animations, and visual effects.
  2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity by mastering AI automation capabilities,
  3. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: The course empowers participants to explore new creative possibilities and push the boundaries of traditional animation methods through the integration of AI technologies.
  4. Competitive Edge in the Industry: Equipped with cutting-edge AI skills, participants will have a competitive advantage.
  5. Expanded Career Opportunities: With proficiency in AI-based motion design, participants will open doors to new career opportunities, whether as freelance animators, studio artists, creative directors, or in other roles within the digital media industry.
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7 200 €
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