Integration of Neural Networks in Big Data Analysis:

New Approaches and Applications

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For those interested in applying Neural Networks (NNs) to better analyze and utilize Big Data. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the latest NN approaches and applications in the context of Big Data Analytics, enabling them to more effectively solve complex problems in their field.
Deep understanding of the structures and functions of NNs
Skills in processing and analyzing Big Data using NNs.
Practical application of NNs to solve problems in the field of Big Data Analysis.
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in this course will acquire in-depth knowledge of NN applications in BDA. They will master key methods of data processing and optimization, develop and modify NN models for text and images, and learn to apply them to real data analysis problems. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills that will enable them to successfully apply NNs in complex Big Data processing tasks, as well as to realize this knowledge in innovative projects.
Student feedback on the course
An excellent blend of theory and practice. Now I feel more confident in developing and optimizing neural networks for big data analytics.
Henrik Andersson
Thanks to this course, I deepened my knowledge of applying neural networks in big data analysis. Real projects and excellent instructors made the learning engaging and valuable.
Isabella De Luca
The course is well-structured, and each lecture has practical applications. I learned how to optimize the performance of neural networks when working with extensive data.
Elena Kovačić
Real examples and assignments helped me not only understand the theory but also directly apply knowledge to working with data. An excellent course for data analysis professionals!
Antonio Morelli
A very informative and interesting course! I now feel more confident working with neural networks in processing big data. Thanks for the excellent learning experience!
Sophie Lefèvre
What you will get after the course
  1. In-depth knowledge of the principles and functions of NNs and their application in various BDA scenarios.
  2. Techniques for optimizing the performance of NNs when dealing with large amounts of data, including parallelization of training, architecture optimization, and memory efficiency.
  3. Mastering the application of NNs to text and image processing, including the creation and optimization of models for text and image classification.
  4. Apply the knowledge gained on real-world data by creating and refining NNs for prediction, classification, and clustering tasks.
  5. Familiarization with relevant legislation to ensure the legitimate and ethical application of the skills learned.
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8 100 €
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