Artificial Intelligence in Law
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For those who want to understand modern technologies in the legal field, including AI, Natural Language Processing, data analysis, robotics, blockchain and more. Practical sessions will help master the application of LegalTech in everyday legal practice.
Mastering the key technologies of LegalTech and AI in law
Practical application of LegalTech tools in document handling, data analysis and task automation
Familiarization with the latest trends and challenges in LegalTech
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in this course will gain unique skills and a deep understanding of technological innovations in the legal sector. The course will provide them with practical skills in working with LegalTech tools, including NLP, data analytics and blockchain. Trainees will internalize current trends and ethical considerations in the use of technology in legal practice. Upon completion of the course, they will be ready for innovative challenges and effective use of LegalTech in their professional activities.
Student feedback on the course
The LegalTech course exceeded all my expectations! Very clear lectures and practical sessions that can be applied immediately in my work. I gained confidence in using new technologies in jurisprudence.
Isadora Hawthorne
Brilliant delivery of material, simply fantastic instructors. I especially appreciate the practical sessions where you can directly apply the knowledge gained. Highly recommend for anyone in the legal field!
Lavinia Thornebrook
The course gave me key skills in the field of LegalTech. Now I can more effectively organize document flow and use modern technologies to increase productivity in our legal practice.
Emmeline Fairhaven
An excellent start for young professionals! I learned a lot about the application of artificial intelligence in jurisprudence. The practical assignments helped reinforce the theory in practice.
Felix Hawthorn
LegalTech has been a real eye-opener for me. The program thoroughly covers all key aspects of technology in the legal sphere. Now I feel more confident, knowing how to integrate new technologies into everyday practice.
Casimir Ashbourne
What you will get after the course
  1. Utilization of key LegalTech tools and technologies, their implementation and use within the framework of legal activities.
  2. Creation and optimization of legal documents using modern automation tools and electronic signatures.
  3. The NLP skills gained will enable participants to analyze and understand legal documents and contracts using AI.
  4. Know how to process and analyze data to predict legal outcomes using ML techniques.
  5. Participants will develop an understanding of blockchain and its application to data security and document verification in the legal industry.
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9 000 €
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