Innovative Approaches in
Real Estate Management:
Leveraging AI
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For those looking to take their real estate professionalism to the next level using advanced AI technologies. We offer a broad understanding of the fundamentals of real estate management, an introduction to AI and Machine Learning, and hands-on skills in analyzing data and creating price prediction models using Python and the TensorFlow and Scikit-learn libraries.
Analyzing data with Python and Pandas
Creating price prediction models with Scikit-learn
Analyzing real estate images with TensorFlow
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants in the course will learn how to analyze a variety of data, including real estate market information, trends, and pricing. They will also learn how to create predictive models to predict changes in real estate prices and identify potential investment opportunities. In addition, participants will learn how to apply image analysis techniques to evaluate and classify properties, allowing them to make more accurate and informed decisions when managing real estate. The skills acquired will enable them to effectively optimize business processes, improve the quality of their decisions and successfully compete in the real estate market.
Student feedback on the course
Great course! I got a lot of practical skills, which I immediately began to apply in my work.
Aigerim Tulegenova
Very informative and relevant course. Gained a deep understanding of how to apply artificial intelligence in real estate management. I recommend it!
Petra Georgieva
Through this course, I learned how to effectively analyze data and make informed decisions, which allowed my company to increase its competitiveness in the real estate market.
Dominika Marinova
Excellent course with great hands-on activities. Gained valuable skills in working with data analysis tools and creating predictive models.
Milena Dimitrova
Thank you for an interesting and informative course! I am now confident in applying artificial intelligence in my work, which has allowed me to become a more effective real estate professional
Marek Tothov
What you will get after the course
  1. Skill in analyzing data and identifying trends in the real estate market
  2. Skill in creating predictive models to predict changes in real estate prices
  3. Mastering methods of analyzing real estate images
  4. Skill in the effective use of AI tools and technologies
  5. Ability to make informed decisions based on data and analytics
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9 000 €
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