Using AI and CRM in

Real Estate Management

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For those who want to optimize their operations using modern technologies. You will gain practical knowledge on how to effectively implement and optimally use AI and Customer Relationship Management systems to improve real estate management processes and customer communication.
Skills to successfully implement and use AI to optimize real estate management processes
Utilizing CRM systems
Skills to effectively utilize AI to improve customer interactions, tailored to individual needs and preferences
Training Course Program
What kind of result will you get
Participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of the fusion of art and technology in the field of multimedia creativity. They will learn techniques for creating multimedia projects ranging from visual design and sound design to the use of VR and AR. Participants will also develop skills in interacting with data and creating interactive multimedia projects. Upon completion of the course, they will possess not only technical skills, but also the ability to analyze the ethical and socio-cultural aspects of multimedia art, making them ready to create innovative and inspiring projects.
Student feedback on the course
What set this course apart was its emphasis on practical application. This practical approach significantly deepened my understanding and equipped me with actionable skills.
Calista Ravenscroft
The comprehensive modules covered a wide array of applications, empowering participants with the knowledge to enhance efficiency and decision-making processes.
Saffron Montague
Zephyr Harrington
Niklas Lindgren
This course was tailored perfectly to the real estate sector's needs. The content was relevant, addressing the specific challenges and opportunities faced in real estate.
Amalthea Fairchild
The collaborative nature of the course fostered a supportive community that extends beyond the training period.
Magnus Blackwell
What you will get after the course
  1. Skills to successfully apply AI tools and technologies to optimize real estate management business processes.
  2. Effective use of CRM in real estate operations, enabling more effective customer interactions.
  3. Skills in analyzing data using AI tools and techniques to make informed strategic decisions in real estate management.
  4. Skills in applying personalized recommendations to clients using AI and CRM to improve client experience and strengthen relationships.
  5. Knowledge of the ethical aspects of applying AI and CRM to real estate activities.
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9 900 €
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